NDT Integration

Integration into your working environment

For NDT inspection companies and others handling DICONDE images,  aycan NDT products are designed to smoothly integrate into your current workflow and network environment.

Mac & Windows Integrationayc_integration_mac_win_450

Working closely with Apple for many years, we have built a team of experts to provide easy integration of Mac based solutions into a Windows environment.

User and System administration

The current Mac OS X operating system makes a seamless integration to Active Directory.  Easy support central user authentication. Microsoft Exchange Server’s E-Mail and calendar function can easily be used as well.

Security Aspects

Access and restriction control 

Zugriffskontrolle und EinschränkungenMac OS X allows for password protection of the boot firmware.  System profiles can be provisioned to restrict access of peripheral equipment, USB ports, and applications.  Additionally, Mac OS X includes full disk encryption built-in for peace of mind for laptop users.

Virus Protection

VirenschutzMac computers are known to be significantly less exposed and vulnerable to virus and trojan attacks than Windows platform. But for the added level of security, various virus protection software options are available.

Index DICONDE Archive Integration

PACS-IntegrationDue to the strict DICONDE conformity of aycan NDT workstation, a Mac system can be seamlessly integrated into a digital NDT environment without any special needs.

EIZO Monitors

Infos zur AbnahmeprüfungEIZO’s RadiCS provides total support for the quality maintenance and control of client monitors, covering everything from calibration to acceptance and constancy tests, calibration asset, and historical management. RadiCS complies with AAPM, DIN, IEC and other standards and runs natively on both Mac and Windows.