GID Silent Brick

Pair with aycan NDT archive for secure, energy, and cost efficient data storage

As part of our data migration service, we can migrate your legacy data on offline storage media or on hard disks to the Silent Brick solution, a rack-mountable 3U system that uses hard disks to overcome the data integrity issues of tape and blue ray while reducing overall energy consumption associated with disk-based storage.  The Silent Brick is also the perfect companion to the aycan NDT archive solution for long-term storage. Each brick is built around user replaceable 2.5 inch SATA drives, and each drive is sourced from three separate manufacturers, and multiple manufacture batches to reduce simultaneous failures.

Key benefits of Silent Brick

  • Environmentally friendly with zero energy consumption (Cold storage)
  • Quintuple protection against data loss
  • 10 year product life
  • Regular digital audits to ensure data integrity over time
  • Configurable redundancy levels
  • Each brick maintains it internal redundancy even when removed from the system
  • Automatic ePaper brick labeling and LED brick identification
  • Brick duplication for physical shipment of large datasets
  • Mechanical interlock to prevent accidental or unauthorized removal
  • Simply add more Silents Bricks for more storage